Technical Review
Peer review is a key step in manuscript quality control, but it is often the most time-consuming step in the whole publishing process. For most manuscripts, peer review usually takes from several weeks to several months. In some cases, after a long wait, a manuscript may still be rejected due to technical deficiencies, for example, failing to meet the journal’s expectation on novelty or importance, issues with the validity of the experimental design and/or methods, the accuracy of presentation, adherence to research ethics, etc.
Our technical review service simulates the peer review process provided by international journals, as it carefully selects qualified reviewers for manuscripts according to different research areas. Our reviewers, researchers from world-renowned universities and other research institutes, not only have an impressive academic publishing record, but also have rich experience in reviewing manuscripts for international journals. Even more important, these researchers are research active and therefore have a good understanding of the frontier topics in their own areas.
The reviewers perform an in-depth rigorous review, carefully considering all factors that scientific journals usually evaluate, and then provide the authors with constructive comments for their consideration and revision ahead of submission. After the review comments have been adopted appropriately, authors will be able to submit a revised version to the target journal, thereby effectively shortening the peer review time and considerably increasing the probability of publication.
In addition to technical support from the reviewer, a senior editor with rich experience in operating SCI-indexed journals provides the author with free-of-charge one-to-one editorial assistance, including editorial advice with a view to helping authors to avoid difficulties during the entire publishing process.
As our editors and reviewers have signed confidentiality agreements and strictly adhere to our high editorial ethics standards, there is no risk of unauthorized information disclosure.
Precise Subjects Matching
International research-active reviewers have exellent academic publishing record and rich experience in reviewing manuscripts.
In-depth review provids constructive comments for manuscript revision.
A senior editor provides one-on-one assistance and recommends the most effective publishing strategies till final publication.
Flexible choices to meet different needs.
100% Quality Guarantee and Information Security
Flexible Choices
Single Reviewer Multiple Reviewers
Advantage Lower cost · More comments for author’s consideration and comparison;
· Added perspectives, more inspiration and less individual bias;
· Multiple review reports obtained without increasing turnaround time;
· A higher performance-price ratio.
Users Fewer concerns on manuscript quality. Expect significant improvement in manuscript quality prior to submission.
Prices and Turnaround Time
Number of Reviewers Price Turnaround Time
One CAD340 7 Days
Two CAD620
Three CAD910
Reviewing the revised version of a manuscript receives a 50% discount.